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Creators of commercial success

We specialize in the development, manufacturing, importation and distribution of items that sell. In other words, we turn ideas into huge business successes.

Our support

From an idea to in-stores


We’re in the game as soon as a business idea is drawn up. Our vast manufacturing production expertise allows us to sharpen your idea from the start to get it off the ground and profitable.


We find all the necessary materials for the production of your items, wherever they are on the planet. Our very own factory or that of an international partner factory will produce your items.


We take charge of importing your items from the manufacturing site to its destination country. All aspects related to transporting, from customs to pick-up at the point of entry, will be taken care of.


We package your items in the quantity and format of your choice, depending on the points of sale for which they are intended. We create attractive visuals so that your products stand out in-store.


We dispatch your items to their points of sale, anywhere in North America. Whether its on the road or by train, our partners show up on time and deliver the merchandise.


We are here for you until the moment your product is sold. We create all advertising material to put your product in the spotlight at its point of sale. Kiosks, posters, displays : we’re on it.


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Find. Move. Distribute.

Need a shipment, now? We are closely connected to the largest manufacturers and distributors on the planet. Even if no one else can find you what you need, you can bet we will. And, we’ll move it where you need it. Fast.

Everywhere in the world

Our suppliers are everywhere on the planet. If what you need exists only overseas, we’ll find it. Otherwise, we’ll manufacture it.

Unlimited volume

Whether you need only a container or an entire ship, we’ve got you covered. No amount of volume will set us back.

By the minute

You need it yesterday? No problem: your shipment will arrive on time, and we’ll keep an eye on it until it arrives at your door.

Worthy of your trust

We built our partner relationships on the basis of trust and following through with our promises. Trust our transparency.


Our factory, your flexibility

An optimized factory means more flexibility, better quality, shorter lead times and a particularly exceptional manufacturing cost per unit.

Our partners

Sites across the globe

We manufacture your items in the location that offers the most beneficial conditions for you, depending on the nature and volume of your project.


We made the difference

Our expertise contributed to the successes of hundreds of clients.

Sarah Buteau Aone

Quality products, and above all, quality service. Always a pleasant experience with INCO Group!

Alex Labbee Ohana

I’ve worked with INCO Group for over a year, and I’ve always had fast and efficient service on top of excellent quality.


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Get your project off the ground by talking to our business success experts.


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