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We transform a fashion idea to a ready-to-sell item. From development to distribution, through manufacturing and importing, we take care of it all. Our factories and our distribution network is at your disposal.

Our process

With you every step of the way
(and even further)

We aren’t only importers. We are also manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and branding and marketing specialists. Above all else, we are solid business partners that will transform your projects to success.

Your project

You have a project in mind. We discuss its feasibility, what needs to be set in place to achieve it and the returns you can project.


Together, we come up with ideas to transform it into a viable and profitable business. We assist you in the choice of materials and processes.


If your brand isn’t yet established, we create a brand identity that reflects your product. We take on everything, from the website to packaging.


With the help of our suppliers, we gather all the necessary manufacturing materials, no matter where they are on the planet.


We manufacture your product in our own factory in Bangladesh or elsewhere overseas. In all cases, we ensure top-tier quality control at every step.

Import + customs

We coordinate each facet of importation, including loading, transportation, custom fees and collection. You follow your shipment in real time.


We package your articles in the quantity and size of our choice. We adapt your packaging according to their destination so that your items are ready for sale.


In collaboration with our partner distributors and wholesalers, we dispatch your items to their point of sale, anywhere in North America.


We take care of in-store collateral, so your items pique interest and turn heads. Kiosks, posters, displays: we’ve got you covered.


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From complex to clear

Developing a product, gathering raw materials, manufacturing it overseas, getting it shipped across 3 oceans, and then having it picked up, packaged, distributed across a continent can seem daunting to some.

It doesn’t have to be. While each job is unique, our tools, partners and processes are perfectly fine-tuned.


We build business successes each day, from A to Z. We avoid detours and get straight to the point.


We aren’t happy with only manufacturing and delivering your product : we want to ensure its sale.


We build our relationships based on trust. We know what we’re doing, and you’ll see for yourself.


Your profitability above all else

Your business’s success depends entirely on its profitability. This is why our goals are aligned with your profit. Whether it’s optimizing the manufacturing process or reducing your risk, your profit is above all else.

As partners, all our actions are headed towards one thing: your profitability.

Optimized production

Our overseas production sites are optimized to give you the same quality at a lower cost.

Risk control

An experienced partnership built on trust that guides you step by step reduces your exposure to risk.

Tangible value

We create tangible value by ensuring the manufacturing and commercial success of your project.


Our factory, your flexibility

An optimized factory means more flexibility, better quality, shorter lead times and a particularly exceptional manufacturing cost per unit.

Our partners

Sites across the globe

We manufacture your items in the location that offers the most beneficial conditions for you, depending on the nature and volume of your project.

Our brands

Our successes speak for themselves.

On behalf of our clients and ourselves, we’re proud to say that each year we create new brands and products that stand out. Each of our products carves its own spot in the market with their notable innovation and exclusivity.

Sarah Buteau Aone

Quality products, and above all, quality service. Always a pleasant experience with INCO Group!

Alex Labbee Ohana

I’ve worked with INCO Group for over a year, and I’ve always had fast and efficient service on top of excellent quality.


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